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Frequently Asked Questions

To study English, you may select Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland. Germany to learn German or France for French languages.

There are programs for children, teenagers, above 30 years and more.

Actually, in addition to many language programs worldwide, we provide:

  • Universities pathway and acceptance. 
  •  University certificates and short programs
  •  Shift-Career renewable energy practical training face to Face and On-Line.  

We- according to your needs and budget- will:

  • suggest the proper program  and country.  
  • Advise you to pay the fees to our partner college to receive the acceptance letter you will provide to the embassy to get the visa. 
  • We reserve a place to you in the college or school for a specific duration. 
  • Provide you with the guidance on how to fill in the visa form to obtain the Visa.
  • The visa issuance is subject to the assessment of the embassy staff. They will evaluate your financial situation, education, if you plan to stay there or return back to your country, … and many more factors that are out of our control.
  • We arrange for the family you will live with them (homestay) in a private room or shared …etc
  • Once you receive the visa, we arrange for the taxi who will pick you from the airport to the homestay.
  • We follow you up during your study to make sure everything in the school and homestay are OK.
  • After you finish your course, we will arrange for a taxi to return you to the airport.



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